Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Pacifier! Love it or Hate it?

Before I became a part of the motherhood club, I tended to judge other mommies and their childrearing choices (especially since I was a teacher).  I often said to myself, "I will NEVER do that."  And giving my baby a pacifier was one of them.

There were a couple reasons why I decided Baby C would NOT have a pacifier.  I didn't want her addicted to a pacifier until she was in high school.  And I read that pacifiers delay communication development.  But those of you who know Baby C, you know that communication is not a problem.  She's a talker!

Then my sweet tiny blessing was born . . .

The only thing that seems to calm her down after all else fails, is the pacifier, or what we like to call, her paci.  It is our lifesaver.

And then comes bedtime.  If that paci falls out of her mouth before she is asleep, you bet she will cry for it.  And it always seems to happen just as I get comfy in bed and I'm about to fall asleep.

I can't wait until she finds her thumb.

Do your sweet tiny blessings use a pacifier?  Love it or Hate it?


  1. Very nice!! :) I am pro-pacifier. :)

  2. Mine never took pacis...but I'd have been all for it if they would have!

  3. Pacifiers are one of the best inventions of all time.